Find the best premium and organic yerba mate from Argentina, get amazed by the difference of quality from the regular ones.


There are several brands of yerba mate in Argentina, the regular ones (Playadito, Rosamonte, Taraguí, CBSé, and so on) are well known by the yerba mate drinkers around the world, but what about those brands that take into account the quality and making process?

If you are wondering what is the difference between regular and premium/organic, is mainly the way they are produced. While regular brands use pesticides in order to reduce the labor cost in soil, the organic/premium brands use natural fertilisers, and do not use chemicals at all, that is to say, more people involved in the yerba plantations, working all year long in the conservation of them. There is also a respect of soil and biodiversity in the plant environment, the result is a nutrient soil therefore a healthy plant.

Last and not least, these organic and premium yerba mate have more than 12 months natural station time.

While regular brands use plastic packaging on their packets, most organic brands use recyclable kraft paper.


Anna Park Organic(500 grs)
La Obereña Organic (500 grs, 1 kg)
Isondú Traditional (500 grs)
Isondú Barbacuá (500 grs)
Isondú Organic (500 grs)
Picada Vieja (500 grs)
TiTrayJu (500 grs)
Jesper (500 grs)
Jesper with Green Tea (500 grs)
Mathienzo (500 grs)
Taihang Organic (500 grs)
Tucanguá Organic (500 grs)
Porongo Organic (500 grs)
Arapeguá Organic -for tereré- (500 grs)

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