Did you know that when you buy a gourd a bamboo bombilla is included? But, the question is…why?

Because this bombilla was the original one, used by the Guaraní tribe, and also because your tongue will not feel that “extra” metally flavor of metal bombillas when you sip it.

Let me let you know something about how are they made. Bamboo sticks need to be dried for, at least, 20-30 days once they are cut, during this process the sticks lose their green color due to the fact they are not in contact with the soil anymore, they become brown, completely dried.

Bamboo sticks should be selected, not too thick, nor too thin, and also, not too short, nor too long. Holes are made carefully, one by one. Everything is handmade.

There is a con….they only have one: they will not last forever.
Yes, unfortunately, bamboo bombillas need a little extra care in order to extend its life, that is to say, let it dry properly once used, and never soak it in water for a long period of time, otherwise its body will expand and probably it will break.

I am not trying to convince you to use them from now on, however, (at least for me haha!) yerba mate tastes deliciously better, natural, it enhances its flavor. You should give it a try!

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